How successful industrial equipment sales & service companies market their business
By Andy McClure -

Industrial equipment businesses that grow steadily and sustainably approach their marketing systematically. Consistency in marketing brings in more new clients and maximizes the amount of business they get from existing ones over the long haul.

Here are the principles applied by the most successful companies that fuel consistent, measurable growth :

1. They approach marketing systematically

Companies that achieve significant sustained and profitable growth approach marketing as a system. Every week, month, quarter they plan, execute, measure and refine their marketing.

2. When it comes to marketing, they play a long game

The most successful companies know that marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.
They don’t set marketing aside when business is booming. They have a dedicated team that makes marketing a top priority so that it is always working to grow their business.

3. They’ve defined their ideal customer and are laser-focused on them

They market to a specific customer profile and create content (web content, sales collateral, sales conversations, etc.) that address the unique challenges and concerns of that ideal customer type.
They know when a prospect is a fit and they are willing to let go of the ones that aren’t.

4. They don’t ask sales to do the work of marketing

Marketing and sales have distinct jobs to do. Each role has to be optimized for the greatest impact.
To drive real growth, it’s important that you don’t ask your sales team to do the job of marketing.

Marketing educates, informs and builds your reputation.Marketing attracts new prospects and nurtures relationships with them. Prospects that engage with the company’s marketing close faster and at a higher rate because they have been educated and have developed trust.

Sales focuses on the warmest prospects, who are closer to buying, and provides personal attention
to help them make smart decisions that are right for them.

5. They invest in relationships with existing clients and never take them for granted

They go beyond gifts, thank yous and phone calls to just their top customers. They communicate regularly with existing contacts, with channels like email marketing enabling them to tailor messages specifically to their needs. And they integrate marketing into their customer service communications. As a result, they more effectively retain and grow existing accounts.

The companies that are achieving the kind of growth you want for yours treat their marketing like a system. A system that needs regular investment, monitoring, and refinement in order to bring in more new clients and maximize the amount of business they get from existing ones over time. Following these four principles will fuel your company’s growth as well.