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In 2023 Sherpa Business Development became Longview Marketing. We are excited to continue our comprehensive approach to outsourced marketing — now with a focus on industrial equipment sales and service companies. 

Why Longview Marketing?

In thinking deeply about what we do and who we serve, I’ve realized that our very best clients are CEOs and business owners focused on creating and growing great companies, not just turning a profit.

These leaders take the longview with their business. And they are willing to put in the work to develop the structure, process, and discipline required for sustainable growth.

My team and I are wired to take the longview as well. We love designing and implementing enduring marketing programs that integrate the strategies, systems and practices that result in better leads and a more effective sales team over the long term.

From here forward, our name will reflect this inspiration and central theme.

The Clients We Serve – Industrial Equipment Sales & Service Companies

I studied mechanical engineering in college and gravitated toward manufacturing process roles in my early career. Equipment like generators, boilers, and pumps are easy for me to understand. It’s no accident that we’ve evolved our business to focus on these kinds of companies.

The most successful companies that sell and service industrial equipment understand the value of taking the longview. They recognize that each new customer has the potential to become a long-term service client, producing a nearly-indefinite revenue stream. Systematically marketing to these long-term clients leads to sustainable growth.

I’m excited that with Longview Marketing, I now have a single expression of my passion for marketing and for engineering articulated in a single brand.


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